TE 2000-22 Cordless Breaker

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  • Cordless jackhammers without compromise – delivers the same demolition performance as the corded TE 2000 and larger jackhammers, but without all the extra bulk
  • Start the job faster – independence from the often unreliable main power supply and easy portability help eliminate common delays at the start of the workday
  • Unbeatable maneuverability – 10 kg lighter and much slimmer than comparable battery-powered jackhammers, the TE 2000-22 is ideal for medium-scale and controlled demolition jobs where handling, tool control and mobility are most important for productivity
  • Unprecedented work-per-charge – demolish half a ton of concrete per charge on one pair of revolutionary Nuron B 22-255 batteries, or 1.5 tons by adding the optional large battery case
  • Virtually dust-free demolition – up to 95% reduction of fine silica dust when used with a TE DRS-B dust removal system and compatible Hilti vacuum cleaner
  • Breaking up concrete slabs and foundations up to 20 cm thickness
  • Floor chasing and cutting channels for pipes
  • Removing heavy paving without damaging the slab
  • Best suited to one-day demolition jobs where a fast start and efficient progress are essential
  • Breaking up concrete slabs and foundations up to 8” thickness approx


Cordless  breaker TE 2000-22

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  • Working direction: Floor
  • Tool chuck type: TE-S
  • Tool body weight: 17.4 kg
  • Single impact energy: 38.2 J
  • Full hammering frequency: 1800 impacts/minute
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 841 x 630 x 199 mm
  • Triaxial vibration for chiselling in concrete: 3.8 m/s² according to EN 60745-2-6
  • A-weighted emission sound pressure level: 100 dB (A) according to EN 60745
  • Rated voltage: 21.6 V