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Trust Hilti products and solutions to solve the toughest post-installed rebar challenges.

Hilti has comprehensive information on post-installed rebar theory, design and installation and if you have any applications on your construction site and need our expertise, we are available to support you on your construction site or in your office.

Applications involving extension of existing construction with new elements

Structural strengthening applications


Rebar installation training

Hilti has account managers servicing all major cities in your country to support you on-site to meet all your training needs, for any Hilti system, used for post-installed rebar work.

This training will not only make your workers more productive but help them work safer and give peace of mind that the rebar is installed according to your engineers expectations.

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PROFIS Rebar – Reduce rework, save time, control costs

PROFIS Rebar helps you quickly calculate post-installed rebar development lengths as an alternative to cast-in-place rebar installation - reducing redundancy, saving time, and controlling cost.

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Pullout testing – Coming Soon!

You need to carry out onsite testing for rebar, if you don’t know the load capacity of a base material.  

On-site testing can be carried using a destructive pull-out test or a non-destructive proof load test.

Hilti will be offering on-site testing services in your market soon. Register on our website and sign up for our newsletter.

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Multiple sales channels

Hilti has a few ways you can buy from them you can have an account manager come visit you or you can visit a Hilti store or call our customer service number. In some markets you can order the product through the website.

Select the communication and sales channel most relevant for your needs.

When it comes to purchasing injectable mortars, accessories & drill bits , you want to have the convenience of having it delivered with a simple call or email or a quick visit to your nearest Hilti store. You decide what is convenient for you.

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Drilling the holes in this application creates the rough surface inside the hole for the adhesive as well as space for the adhesive and the rebar to be installed. Hilti has many drilling tools to choose from for your post-installed rebar work and depending on the size of the holes and depth we can help you select the right tool and chisel.

Tool Repair Services– Drilling Tools

All Hilti drilling tools come with a 2 year no repair costs for wear and tear.

All Hilti drilling tools are sold with a 20-year manufacturers warranty.  

+ Hilti tools are repaired by certified technicians.

+ We take care in having spare parts available for our demolition tools in-market.

+ We know time is money so we take care in having a fast turnaround time to get the tool back on your site so you can keep working.

All Hilti paid repairs come with 1-month warranty so if its still not working when you receive it, within the month of the repair, we will look at the tool again and fix it with no repair charge.

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Hilti hammer drill bits TE-YX; designed for post-installed rebar holes

Hilti has formulated hammer drill bits specifically for drilling holes for rebar applications.

The TE-YX hammer drill bit has heat-treated flute offering superior wear resistance.

The TE-YX has a solid carbide head – superior drilling speed, maximum robustness and less jamming when hitting rebar

If you are looking for a more economical drilling solution then the Hilti TE-C hammer drill bit can get the job done for non-structural rebar applications.  It has a wide helix spine – transports dust more efficiently to accelerate drilling progress.

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AVR – Worker safety should be a priority

Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) technology and other practical strategies to help reduce vibration.

Through many decades of research and development, Hilti has been minimizing power tool vibration using Active Vibration Reduction (AVR) systems. This technology reduces vibration by up to two-thirds compared to conventional tools, allowing them to be used for longer and more comfortably.

Choosing tools with AVR can significantly reduce vibration without compromising performance, making it easier to keep construction workers comfortable and productive.

Hilti AVR works in a number of ways to reduce power tool vibration to a minimum, including:  1. Isolated motor 2, Vibration absorbers 3. Decoupled handles.



Switch to epoxy mortar by using the Hilti injectable chemical anchor systems

Why are injectable epoxy mortars better for post-installed rebar applications?

1. SAFETY: Epoxy exposure can be very dangerous to workers health and injectable epoxy mortar systems reduces the amount of epoxy exposure.

2. STRONGER BOND: Bubbles form in the holes with the epoxy grout method (dip & stick method), bubbles mean less bonding to the structure so less effective, this is not the case with injectable epoxy mortars.

3. SAVE MONEY: Wastage occurs with epoxy grouts with a lot of the epoxy ending up on the floor (or worse on your workers) and wastage left in tins; but with injectable epoxy mortars you use what you need and it is injected straight into the hole. If you are using a cartridge system, it is re-sealable if there is some contents left to use again.

4. FASTER INSTALLATION: Injectable epoxy mortars can be up to 40% faster than using epoxy grouts where you need to mix and stir the two components manually.

5. SHORTER EMBEDMENT DEPTHS: Epoxy grout solutions require deeper embedment depths; with Hilti injectable epoxy mortars a shorter embedment depth is required (Hilti has technical datasheets with our products) - which means you save money when using epoxy mortars. For short concrete slab depths, you cannot use epoxy grouts.


This is the most crucial part of the installation for post-installed rebar work. To improve on the sticking power of the chemical adhesive used the hole needs to be free from dust. Hilti can provide you with the relevant accessories and products to reduce the dust in the hole. To really be productive and safeguard that this is done properly on your site; read about the Hilti SAFESet technology.

Hilti provides both manual and battery-operated dispensers and we do recommend that for the correct installation of the chemical adhesives that a battery-powered dispenser is used, you can read more about this below.

Product selection & information

All Hilti products come with a user manual & operational instruction, you can find this in the box or case. All major languages are available.

You can download the material safety data sheets or operation instructions, see below for some download links.

On request we can also send installation videos for you to watch.

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SAFEset technology

Replace manual hole cleaning for up to 60 percent faster chemical anchor installations.

At Hilti, we believe in making installation simple, so we've provided three easy methods you can use to get the job done:

The non-SafeSet, or traditional method, of 2 blow, 2 brush, 2 blow  (See Hilti chemical anchor accessories).

The SafeSet Hollow Drill Bit (TE-YD) method of automatic cleaning

The SafeSet HIT-Z Rod requires no cleaning.        

What is the Hilti SafeSet cleaning method?

Hilti SafeSet requires both a Hilti Hollow Drill Bit and a properly sized Hilti Vacuum to automatically clean the hole as you drill so you can save time by skipping manual brushing (hole cleaning).                                                                                

Battery-powered dispenser 22 volts

Speed up your installation with peace of mind that the correct amount of adhesive is being injected.  Faster, safer & better-quality injection.

Easy injection even at low temperatures      

Fast, easy foil pack loading

High battery capacity (up to 100 x 500 ml )

Automatic pressure release for no mortar wastage

Dose adjustment knob for accurate dispensing  

Improve your workers productivity a lower effort is required with this battery-operated dispenser than a manually triggered dispenser.

Calculation services

Fast and transparent quotes. How much mortar do I need? Let us help.

We have account managers who can visit you on-site or at your office to support with the optimized volume of injectable mortar required for your job.

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Post-Installed Rebar System – From an engineering perspective

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